Propose technical solutions to provide technical solutions to written quotations and business communication to sign a sales contract
Door-to-door on-the-spot installation and training technology support lifelong maintenance
Customer service
Finding the site of the fault site to investigate the original repair or return plant repair claim to provide the required parts according to the actual loss
Extension "4CS service"
It covers the four elements of (customer), (cost), (convenience) and (Communication)
pare parts
The founder of the breakup hammer industry! From the date of creation, we always take the customer demand as the center, dedicated to provide consumers with safe, comfortable, high-quality, environmentally friendly products and personal hammer tool, is sincere, efficient, leading brand service experience, and is committed to working with our partners such as Jian Liping, mutual benefit and respect, and trustworthy cooperation. We have a profound insight into customer demands and industrial development trend, in a cordial, sincere and friendly service attitude, for the vast number of consumers, customers and partners to provide one-stop efficient and innovative service experience, to create value for customers, to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, and promote the healthy development of the industry service system, in order to win the customers and the public trust. The life everywhere has the extension, the extension service will protect the Chinese people's good life all the way!
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